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Since the recent resurgence in the psychedelic industry, magic mushroom chocolate bars has been various new introductions and reinventions to how people consume magic mushrooms. This birthed chocolate mushroom, one of the most popular psilocybin-induced edibles in
the market. Its great taste, easy digestion, and effective results are among numerous perks that make it a top choice for psychonauts and magic mushroom consumers.

Shroom and Cacao: A Perfect Combination

psychedelic mushroom chocolate bars for sale usa
Both magic mushroom and cacao are as old as time with each boasting of numerous profound benefits to the human soul, mind, and body. It is then not surprising that they’ve served past and present generations and will always be part of the future. Some believe that the existence of magic mushrooms dates to the prehistoric era and may have even expedited human evolution. Some historians also claim they were part of African and European arts as far back as thousands of years.
Similarly, the first known domestication of cacao was over 5,000 years ago in South America. They both attained divine status in Aztec, Mayan, and other ancient cultures for their magic-like health benefits. Over time, both have metamorphosized to become household edibles and therapeutic solutions. Now, having them as one product called magic mushroom chocolate is a big advantage to the community of natural health lovers. road rage incident 

What are Magic Mushroom Chocolate bars?

psychedelic mushroom chocolate bars for sale usa
As the name implies, mushroom chocolates are chocolate recipes infused with ground magic mushrooms. The creative combination of chocolate and psilocybin mushroom provides shroom lovers an excellent way to enjoy magic mushrooms to fullness. They are just like regular candy bars but with the infusion of psilocybin content during their preparation. Apart from their excellent taste, shroom bars provide one of the best ways to introduce psilocybin into the body system.
For centuries, people have eaten magic mushrooms, mixed them with food, or simply brewed it for consumption. It served both recreational and medicinal purposes for various ancient tribes. It was an integral part of their ceremonial and ritual activities. While they produce great and long-lasting therapeutic effects, magic mushrooms can taste bitter when eaten raw or brewed. Like most other entheogens, people have been getting creative in their preparation to make it easier to consume.
In 1958, a Swiss chemist, Dr. Albert Hoffmann first isolated the hallucinogenic compounds in sacred mushrooms brought from Huautla in Mexico, psilocybin and psilocin . Since then, its preparation for medicinal, recreational, and other purposes became easier. It also greatly increases people’s knowledge of its health effects as laboratories and higher learning institutions started making ground-breaking discoveries about it. So, chocolate bars are just an additional way of mushroom intake that is currently making waves in the industry.

Why Mushroom Chocolates?

Do you desire a combination of a healthy substance and great taste rolled into one? Then shroom chocolate bar is your best bet. The growing popularity of shroom edibles stems from the fact that dried mushrooms, as good as they are, are difficult to consume. The magic mushroom matrix is made up of a compound called chitin, which is quite hard to digest. In general, the human body is not designed with enough enzymes to digest raw magic mushrooms.
It can even become more difficult if you have a genetic mutation that makes your body less active at breaking down such compounds. This explains why some people prepare their raw shrooms with lemon (Lemon TEK) to help them break down the chitin before the mushrooms enter their digestive system. But instead of undergoing such a long path and still risk having stomach upset, why not choose an uncomplicated way out? This is where magic mushroom chocolate bar come in.

What are the Benefits of psilocybin chocolate bars ?

psychedelic mushroom chocolate bars for sale usa
Magic mushrooms have proven their effectiveness and safety to the body in many scientific studies and there is a growing body of anecdotal reports supporting this. They contain many therapeutic benefits that can enhance our cognitive functions and improve productivity. Their antioxidant, anti-inflammatory, and other properties are also highly beneficial for mental health. When made as mushroom chocolate, these benefits become more pronounced as cacao, chocolate’s main ingredient, is also packed with many similar functions. The following are some shroom chocolate bars benefits:

It Reduces the Risk of Nausea (road rage incident )

Nausea is one of the common side effects of taking magic mushrooms, which can be attributed to the chemical compounds they contain. It could also be due to the user’s state of mental or physical health at the time of ingestion. Some believe mushrooms’ chitin is a major compound responsible for this. However, the nausea may even appear with mushroom brews! Scientifically, engagement of 5H3 neuroreceptors is counted as one of the reasons for the sense of nausea and puking. When you take your shroom in chocolate format, you significantly reduce the chances of experiencing nausea.

It Tastes Great (psilocybin mushroom chocolate )

Chocolate mushrooms cover the sometime-nasty-taste of dry mushrooms and bypass the early chance of nausea/sense of vomiting. The delicious taste makes it much easier to ingest. The taste of mushroom chocolate bars depend on the type and quality of the raw chocolates used and the way it’s been blended with mushrooms. Most vendors grind the magic mushrooms to powder format and then blend it with chocolate. Some suppliers mix it with mushroom extracts. This blends are usually less potent than when the full mushroom body is used. Type of chocolate affects the taste of mushroom chocolate too. Try to buy the shroom chocolate bars that are made by professional chocolatiers.

Easy to Microdose (chocolate bar one up mushroom )

gifts Magic mushroom chocolate bars help you microdose with ease and in style. The number of microdosers has grown greatly in the past few years. There are 220,000 microdosers only on Reddit microdosing forum. As the community expands, one of the frequent discourses among psychonauts is how to microdose. If you want to get the full health benefits of psilocybin without experiencing the usual side effects or having to spend days at shamanic rituals, then microdosing chocolate mushroom is a perfect way.
Microdosing means taking sub-perceptual and sub-threshold of a drug. Microdosers take roughly one-tenth or one-twentieth of the usual “trip” dose. With that, you reduce the psychedelic trip’s level of visual distortion, body high, introspection, and other hallucinogenic effects of shroom. You can simply measure the dose of mushrooms to mix with your chocolate and enjoy it without stress or having to take a day off from work and social activities.

Easier Digestion

magic mushroom chocolate bars
One of the main benefits of shroom edibles is their easier digestion compared to dry mushrooms intake. Dry mushrooms’ hard texture make it difficult to digest, which is why some consumers use Lemon Tek method or brew mushrooms as tea. But for those who don’t fancy those methods, chocolate is the best alternative as it offers both easy digestion and taste. Chocolate on its own is a fantastic choice for digestion. The numerous effects of chocolate on the digestive system are further explained below.

Sublingual Absorption and Bypassing Track Benefit

The possibility of taking mushroom chocolate bars sublingually is among its rare attributes. Sublingual administration means placing a drug under your tongue and allowing it to dissolve. It only needs to stay there for a few minutes. This is one of the most effective ways to absorb psilocybin into the body. It is easily administered, non-invasive, and well tolerated by our system. The method bypasses the first-pass metabolism and travels rapidly into the system circulation.
Less than 50% of ingested psilocybin in dry mushrooms reach our systemic blood circulation, when absorbed through our g-track, digestive system. Instead, if you hold the mushroom under your tong, the psilocybin absorption to blood is almost complete. The magic mushroom chocolate pieces, if dissolve in your mouth or sublingually, is enjoyable, sexy (!) and also allow your body to absorb more of the hallucinogenic compounds. In this format, the efficiency of a dose will be higher, i.e. less mushrooms makes a more efficient effect.

How Does Chocolate Make Digestion and Subjective Effect More Pronounced?

Taking your shroom in chocolate format makes digestion easier than other edibles. This is because chocolate acts as a prebiotic (a kind of fiber that improves the growth of bacteria in the gut) during digestion, research has found. It is the science behind the popular discourse on chocolate and gut health.
There are trillions of bacteria living in our guts. They play essential processes in human health, including metabolism and immune system health. As good as they are, however, there could be serious consequences if the balance of microbes in the intestine is disturbed. Irritable bowel syndrome is one of the common effects. The more balanced microbes in the system are, the better it is for the body to support healthy metabolism and absorb nutrients.
Maintaining a healthy gut requires a diet with a beneficial level of prebiotic and probiotic foods. We derive prebiotic supplies from dietary fiber, which helps feed the good bacteria in our gut. It also helps the digestive system to thrive. Probiotic foods on the other hand are the live yeasts and bacteria that are essential for the digestive system and can also boost and restore the gut flora.
Various studies found that cocoa intake increases the amount of these good or friendly bacteria and can also help in fighting off bad bacteria in your system. Keep in mind however that the health benefits you will get depend on the composition of your chocolate, especially the amount of cocoa present. Therefore, it is recommended that you choose dark chocolate for digestion benefits.
The higher the amount of cocoa, the higher the fiber content. A 101-gram dark chocolate bar with 70% to 85% cocoa solid contains 11 grams of dietary fiber, according to the US Department of Agriculture. With an adequate intake of shroom chocolate, you have more prebiotic supplies for your gut flora to thrive on.
psychedelic mushroom chocolate bars reviews
The gut health benefit of chocolate was also linked to weight loss in a 2021 study. This is due to its ability to boost metabolism and curb appetite. It could also help boost your mood. The brain-gut relation has revealed that 90% of the serotonin in our body is generated in our guts and it is the brain blood barrier (BBB) that limits the permeability of the serotonin to our brain system. Naturally, the psilocybin compound in magic mushrooms is known to improve mood and reduces depression, anxiety, and stress level. Cocoa fruits contain monoamine oxidase inhibitors (MAOi) and therefore, inhibits the fast metabolization of serotonin agonists. So, the combination of the two (chocolate and shroom) mean a more effective digestion of psilocybin mushrooms.

Apart from digestion, shroom chocolate intake, especially dark chocolate could:


Prevent Cardiovascular Disease and Reduce the Risk of Stroke

The flavonoids contained in dark chocolate could help maintain heart health, has found. This is because the chemicals stimulate the production of nitric oxide which can reduce blood pressure by making blood vessels relax.

Improve Sugar Level and Reduce the Risk of Diabetes

To many, a sweet edible like chocolate and prevention of diabetes should not be in the same sentence. But studies show that a healthy portion of cacao-rich dark chocolate could help improve how the human body metabolizes glucose. The polyphenol in the chocolate improves insulin sensitivity (how insulin works in the body), which could help control blood sugar. Improving insulin sensitivity could delay the onset of diabetes, or even prevent it.

Improve Cognition, Boost Mood, and Prevent Memory Loss

Chocolate bars are believed to promote neural activity in the brain area associated with reward and pleasure. This in turn improves mood and reduces stress. A 2018 study shows that consuming 48 grams of 70% cacao organic chocolate could increase the brain’s ability to generate new synaptic connections, promoting cognition, memory, and mood boost.

Fight Free Radicals in the System


Free radicals damage cells and are linked to aging and various diseases, including cancer. Some free radicals are necessary as our body cells use them to fight invading bacteria. However, when there are too many of them, they start attacking your cells and could cause inflammation and diseases.
There is growing evidence that chocolate contains certain properties that could protect the body against some types of cancer. This is because the cocoa in chocolate bars contains flavonoids – antioxidants that protect the cells against damage by free radicals. Taking shroom chocolate will help feed your body with adequate antioxidants from two sources, as psilocybin is also a natural source of the antioxidant selenium.
Other benefits of magic mushroom bars include:
–         Mindfulness and relaxation
–         Enhances motivation
–         Boosts creativity
–         Stabilizes emotional wellbeing
–         Improves concentration level
–         Boosts productivity
–         Boosts physical energy
–         Promotes thought introspection
–         Deepens sense of appreciation

Mushroom Chocolate FAQ


Should I Make or Buy My Chocolate Mushrooms?

Whether to make your shroom chocolate or buy a ready-made product from a retailer is totally your prerogative. Some prefer the home-made because they can prepare it to their own taste and preferences.
If you are making your shroom chocolates, it is important to work with a certain desired result in mind. This depends on whether you are microdosing mushroom chocolate or planning for a psychedelic journey. You must avoid guessing the dosage as that could cause overwhelming, underwhelming, or even a bad trip. You may use a scale to measure the magic mushroom that goes into the chocolate.
A low dose of shrooms per chocolate bar will reduce the chance of experiencing unpleasant feelings and could allow you to take more than one piece at a time. If you desire a stronger trip, a mid-strength psilocybe cubensis strains like Golden Teacher or Penis Envy could be the best option.
If it is your first time making your magic mushroom chocolate bars, we recommend that you start with a low dose. Subsequently, you can adjust the dose if you desire a higher trip level.
However, not everybody has the knowledge or time to make their edibles. So, you may be left with no choice than patronizing the vendors. When buying your shroom chocolate bars, the keyword is trust. The shroom edible business has many illicit dealers, especially on social media. You therefore must do your due diligence to get the desired effects and avoid complications to your health. There are many reliable sources online with excellent reviews and track records. You may also seek advice from friends who use magic mushrooms. SHAFAA was the very first magic mushroom dispensary that offered gourmet chocotalier-made shroom chocolates in usa.

Storing Your Mushroom Chocolate

For long-lasting shelf life, your magic mushroom chocolate bar needs adequate storage. You can store it in an airtight container and keep it in the freezer or fridge. The container could be lined with waxed baking paper to avoid sticking. Keeping your chocolate bars cool will reduce the rate of oxidation and help prevent melting during hot weather. Well-stored shroom chocolate could last for months.

Where Can I Buy Magic Mushroom Chocolate in USA and CANADA?

You can buy your psilocybin edibles including shroom bars from retailers in Canada. You will get it delivered to your doorstep at quite affordable prices. Canada is one of the most psilocybin-friendly countries with many dispensaries in different provinces. Whether you are a resident or a visitor, you can get many options near you with a simple Google search.

Taking Chocolate Mushroom with Caution

While magic shroom bars taste delicious and attractive, they still contain a psilocybin compound that can cause a strong hallucinogenic high, which can leave you with a distorted sense of reality. While microdosing mushroom chocolate can greatly reduce the risk of unwanted experiences, the effect still depends on each individual user and dose preparation.
If taken the wrong way and by the wrong person, psilocybin can lead to unpleasant effects. It is therefore important to first be certain if it is for you. You may need to speak to a doctor especially if you have underlying health conditions. If you are a first-time user, it is advisable to start with a small dose and study how your body reacts to it. With that you can decide to review the dosage gradually either upward or downward.

Mushroom Mushroom Chocolate Dose

For safety reasons, most of the shroom chocolate bars sold online contain less than 5 or 6 grams of dry mushrooms. This is counted as a very high dose, though or so-called a heroic dose. We never recommend you to take this much psilocybin mushrooms to your body as it would lead to a traumatic experience for you. Most of the mushroom chocolates are dosed such that each break of chocolate has a known dose of mushrooms. These small breaks could range between 0.125 to 0.5 g of dry mushrooms in them. Then, depending on the number of pieces in one bar, the total dose of mushrooms per chocolate bar will be known.
For example, at SHAFAA, we offer our mushroom chocolates in 0.25 g mushroom per piece. Our 6 gr Penis Envy Mushroom Chocolate Barcontains 24 servings of quarter gram microdose pieces. For microdosing, we recommend our customers to start with half a piece, containing 0.125 g mushrooms. For macrodose, we recommend to start with 0.5 gr, which makes it two pieces of our premium dark chocolate bar. A proper safe dose of shroom chocolates, if taken with caution and under the psychedelics use protocols (i.e. set, setting and dose), would contain 2 gr of mushrooms. What are the best magic mushrooms chocolate bars?If you’re looking for a tasty way to enjoy magic mushrooms, then you’ll love our classic mushroom chocolate bars. Our Mushroom Chocolate Bar is sure to satisfy anyone’s sweet tooth. Each chocolate bar comes with 3.5 grams of high-quality magic mushrooms infused within the chocolate.

Frequent Ask Question On magic mushroom chocolate 

Where to buy magic mushrooms in Canada?
Shroom Bros Canada produces the best magic mushrooms in Canada at affordable prices for Canadian’s 19+.
How much psilocybin is in magic mushroom milk chocolate?
Dosing our Mushroom  Chocolate bar couldn’t be easier. Each bar is made up of 15 equally sized chocolate squares–each with approximately 220 milligrams (0.220 grams) of psilocybin. That means that the total amount of magic mushrooms infused in each bar is 3.5 grams.
What is Shroom chocolate bar?
The shroom chocolate bar mixes chocolate with Psilocybin. It is originally a chemical found in mushrooms, but for you, it has been created in this specific form to ensure great test with the desired impact. There are different flavors available for consumption, you can satisfy your taste buds in the best possible way. What is mushroom chocolate bars?Our Magic Chocolate Bar is sure to satisfy anyone’s sweet tooth. Each chocolate bar comes with 3.5 grams of high-quality magic mushrooms infused within the chocolate. Each square is perfectly dosed, so you don’t need a scale or rely on any guesswork. Our bar is perfect for having an incredible experience or for microdosing.
How much psilocybin is in magic mushroom milk chocolate?
Dosing our Mushroom Chocolate bars couldn’t be easier. Each bar is made up of 15 equally sized chocolate squares–each with approximately 220 milligrams (0.220 grams) of psilocybin. That means that the total amount of magic mushrooms infused in each bar is 3.5 grams.
How much does a chocolate bar cost?
Chocolate Bars (3.5gs each) $ 45.00 $ 22.50 Magic Mushroom Chocolate Bar Each magic mushroom chocolate bar contains 3.5 grams of dried mushrooms.
How many magic mushrooms are in a bar of mushrooms?
That means that the total amount of magic mushrooms infused in each bar is 3.5 grams. If you’re a beginner looking to take things slow, we recommend starting with 3-5 squares.
What is magic mushroom milk chocolate bar?
Our Chocolate Bar is sure to satisfy anyone’s sweet tooth. Each chocolate bar comes with 3.5 grams of high-quality magic mushrooms infused within the chocolate. Each square is perfectly dosed, so you don’t need a scale or rely on any guesswork. Our bar is perfect for having an incredible experience or for microdosing.
How do you make magic mushrooms chocolates?
Mix the dried magic mushrooms into the chocolate by adding a bit of powder at a time and stirring until it is completely mixed. Pour the chocolate into molds. If the chocolate is too thick to pour, spoon the chocolate into the molds and smooth out the tops. Cool the magic mushroom chocolates by leaving them on the counter at room temperature.
How many magic mushrooms are in a bar of mushrooms?
That means that the total amount of magic mushrooms infused in each bar is 3.5 grams. If you’re a beginner looking to take things slow, we recommend starting with 3-5 squares.

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