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5 Key Health Benefits of magic mushroom chocolate bar 

In case you haven’t heard, it’s looking more and more likely that the next big thing in holistic wellness is mushrooms – and yes, we’re talking about those mushrooms. What was once regarded as a juvenile recreational activity is now getting the attention that it deserves from clinical researchers, who are learning more and more about the potential benefits found within these mushrooms, largely thanks to psilocybin, the main psychoactive compound responsible for the well-known effects that result from consuming them.
But, as any experienced mushroom user will tell you, even the most seasoned veterans can be quite put off by the taste and smell. After all, mushrooms are known for their earthy taste, and this particular breed of mushrooms takes that to a whole new level. Therefore, companies are finding ways to make mushrooms enjoyable to take, and our personal favorite option is magic mushroom chocolate bar.
magic mushroom chocolate bar  is, simply put, mushrooms that are coated in chocolate. The chocolate’s strong and appetizing taste seems to mask the mushroom flavor extremely well. Besides that, chocolate offers its own unique benefits, including its well-known antioxidant properties. Most mushroom chocolate contains a mushroom blend, meaning that in addition to psychoactive mushrooms, other mushrooms are present that will not cause mind-altering effects, but do have profound health benefits.

Why Should You Consider It from a Health Perspective?

Now, if you’re new to mushrooms, you might be wondering what the big deal is about taking them. Well, rather than giving you our own favorite reasons for trying them, we’re going to let science do the talking by sharing with you some of the clinical studies that have been done in recent years to show what these mushrooms are capable of. firecracker the original psychedelic popping 
#1: Mental Health Benefits
While many people mistakenly believe that mushrooms only offer useful effects as long as the trip lasts, we’re finding more and more that they may offer long-term benefits to one’s mental health. One clinical study found that these mushrooms can potentially help with anxiety and depression disorders by rearranging neurotransmitters in the brain, changing neural pathways and helping the brain process trauma. The study noted that suicidal patients were given therapeutic doses of psilocybin, and many noted that one dose changed their entire perspective by providing them with insight that enhanced their desire to live.
#2: Help with Addiction
Currently, a lot of research is underway to determine a clear connection between psilocybin usage and addiction cessation. Studies over the years have found that those who took mushrooms were far more likely to successfully quit both cigarettes and alcohol, and now new studies are moving onto more hardcore drugs including cocaine. The research is very promising so far, because it appears that this active compound has the ability to reorganize the brain’s reward center which is hyperactive in those who suffer from addictive behaviors. bliss micro dose capsules pills 
#3: Relief from Migraines
If you suffer from migraines, then you know fully well that this type of pain can be absolutely debilitating. Migraine sufferers experience intense headache pain as well as light sensitivity, nausea, impaired vision and speech. All of these symptoms combined can greatly reduce one’s quality of life while interfering with their overall functionality. Migraines can prevent a person from working enough to earn a livable income, can disrupt social relationships and can lead to anxiety and depression due to the enormous pain that can occur fairly frequently.holy grail high dose magic
An interesting series of studies is finding that the lead compound in these mushrooms may be able to help fight migraine pain. In fact, the studies have been so promising that more and more people are micro-dosing as a way to manage and prevent migraines. Micro-dosing involves taking extremely small doses daily so that the mushroom’s potential therapeutic benefits are present, but the intense psychoactive experience is not initiated.
#4: Cognitive Improvement
We’re now beginning to discover that mmagic mushroom chocolate bar may offer impressive cognitive benefits as well. Note that this study refers to both psychoactive and standard edible mushrooms. In particular, psilocybin seems to play a role in neurogenesis, meaning that it may be able to boost the development of new, healthy brain cells. As we age, our neural pathways weaken and our neurons slowly die off. This is why cognitive decline occurs so frequently among the elderly. Further, young people can experience cognitive decline as well, as a result of poor diet, substance abuse, traumatic brain injuries and epilepsy, among other things.
Cognition is a complex series of brain functions that includes memory, concentration, motivation, mental stamina and mood. Maintaining healthy cognitive function is a big key to living a long and happy life. grail high dose magic mushroom
#5: Anti-Inflammatory Benefits
Interestingly, both “magic” mushrooms and culinary mushrooms seem to offer unique anti-inflammatory benefits, as mushrooms contain a unique variety of compounds that don’t exist in other plants.
magic mushroom chocolate bar
Therefore, consuming anti-inflammatory foods may be a critical component to maintaining good overall health. Mushrooms with their rich anti-inflammatory properties seem to be an obvious choice, as they are nutritious and widely accessible.

The Added Benefits of Consuming magic mushroom chocolate bar 

We’ve talked about the unique potential health benefits of mushrooms, primarily thanks to psilocybin, the psychoactive compound in “magic” mushrooms. But this article is about consuming mushroom chocolate, and as we know, chocolate can provide some useful benefits as well. scarlet ruby couverture
Now, in order to reap the benefits of chocolate when paired with mushrooms, it’s important that you’re consuming the real stuff. We’re talking about unprocessed cacao, which is as close to its raw and pure form as possible. The type of chocolate bars you find at the convenience store are highly processed and loaded with sugar, which can intensify inflammation and strip away any benefits that chocolate may have.

magic mushroom chocolate bar Has Something to Offer on the Health & Wellness Sides

As you can see, mushroom blends in chocolate can offer a lot to your overall wellbeing. It’s important to seek out the highest-quality product you can find, paying careful attention to both the chocolate and the mushrooms when choosing the right one to purchase.

Why Use a Magic Mushroom Chocolate Bar?

Now you might be wondering, why should you choose a chocolate bar over dried shrooms? The simple answer is that our milk chocolate bar is not only delicious but ready to get you lifted.
As wonderful as dried mushrooms are, they aren’t perfect. Many psychonauts find that eating dried mushrooms can cause an upset stomach.
That’s because magic mushroom chocolate bar have tough cell walls composed of a compound called chitin. This chitin can be troublesome to digest and lead to unpleasant feelings like nausea or bloating.
That’s why many people decide to simply make a shroom tea. However, we decided to create a mushroom edible that’s delectable and ready to go–no preparation required.

Magic Mushroom Chocolate Bar Effects

Using our Magic Mushroom Milk Chocolate Bar will deliver the same psilocybin experience you know and love. We infused our Milk Chocolate Bars with a strain that’s a perfect all-rounder.
With our Milk Chocolate Bar, you can expect to feel an energetic high with laser-sharp focus. You’ll also find yourself grinning ear to ear as you feel pure euphoria.
At higher doses, you’ll have stimulating visuals, time distortion, and some deep introspection.
On the comedown, you’ll be lowered back into reality on a bed of clouds. Expect a wave of pure relaxation that’s continuously washing over you.
Using the Magic Mushroom Chocolate Bar Recreationally
Our Milk Chocolate Bar was made with the recreational experience in mind. These fantastic chocolate bars will be the perfect companion to a day out or a relaxing time inside.
magic mushroom chocolate bar
Taking a dose of our Milk Chocolate Bar is perfect for a hike or a day at the beach. You’ll feel energetic, stimulated, and be in pure awe of the beauty surrounding you.
You’ll also feel completely in tune with nature and on the same wavelength with the people around you. You’ll find it difficult to stop laughing since our chocolate bars deliver pure joy.
Spending a day inside is equally as fun. You’ll feel focused and creative with anything you set your mind to.
Whether that’s music, drawing, or getting chores done—you’ll feel delighted with everything you do.
Just remember that if you leave the house, you should never drive while on magic mushrooms. Always take your chocolate bar with a clear schedule and after you’ve arrived at your destination.
Also, remember that a magic mushroom trip can last up to six hours. Always make adequate preparations and bring enough food, water, and chill vibes with you.
How to Dose the Magic Mushroom Chocolate Bar
Dosing our Magic Mushroom Milk Chocolate bar couldn’t be easier. Each bar is made up of 15 equally sized chocolate squares–each with approximately 220 milligrams (0.220 grams) of psilocybin.
That means that the total amount of magic mushrooms infused in each bar is 3.5 grams.
If you’re a beginner looking to take things slow, we recommend starting with 3-5 squares. That dose should be equivalent to a very light dose of one gram or under.
To kick things up a notch, you can eat a dose of 6-10 squares. This medium dose will likely give you more visual stimulation.
If you’re looking for the true magic mushroom chocolate barexperience, then the entire bar of 3.5 grams will do the trick. Just remember to start low and go slow when dosing.
After all, magic mushrooms take some time to kick in. On average, it takes about 30 minutes to 1 hour for the effects to become noticeable.
During the come-up, it’s best not to become impatient and wait for the feelings to take hold before deciding to take more.
Microdosing the Magic Mushroom Chocolate Bar
Microdosing is becoming a popular option for those who want the benefits of psilocybin without the trip. Imagine if you could improve productivity, mood, creativity, social life, and much more without blasting off into the cosmos.
That’s exactly what microdosing aims to do. Microdoses are sub-perceptual doses of magic mushrooms taken regularly.
What that means is that you shouldn’t feel the effects of the psilocybin. That means no visuals, no body-high, and no introspection.
That doesn’t mean that you won’t feel anything, though. Many users report having a better mood, feeling more open, and having much more energy.
As we mentioned, each square of our Milk Chocolate Bar is made up of about 220 milligrams of psilocybin. The threshold, or sub-perceptual dose of magic mushrooms, is somewhere around 250 milligrams.
That means that one square of the Magic Mushroom Milk Chocolate Bar should be a microdose. However, you might want to start with half of one square for a true microdose.
Microdosing is usually done on a schedule. Some recommend microdosing every day, while others take a dose every other day.
There are many different schedules, and you’ll want to find the one that works for you and gives the most noticeable benefit.

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